‚ÄčIf you have questions regarding the carrier inspection results, please contact your local Motor Carrier Safety Unit:

Area Phone
NORTHERN DIVISION, Redding (530) 242 - 4357
VALLEY DIVISION, Sacramento (916) 731 - 6350
GOLDEN GATE DIVISION, Vallejo (707) 917 - 4400
CENTRAL DIVISION, Fresno (559) 453 - 3130
SOUTHERN DIVISION, Glendale (323) 644 - 9557
BORDER DIVISION, San Diego (858) 944 - 6345
COASTAL DIVISION, San Luis Obispo (805) 549 - 3261
INLAND DIVISION, San Bernardino (909) 806 - 2414

Welcome to the Carrier Inspection Results Search

Per California Assembly Bill 529 Vehicles: Motor carriers: Inspections, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is required to provide the public with the outcome of terminal inspections performed in the State of California. This site provides searching parameters to find the carrier that may potentially own or uses a terminal within California. Carriers can be located outside of California, but, terminals must reside within California.
Please use the search parameters provided to research the carrier for which you wish to view inspection results. Results of the search are returned, you may click on the Carrier (CA) / Motor Carrier Permit (MCP) number link and you will be redirected to that carrier's inspection results.

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